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13 Weird Emergency Survival Hacks You Never Knew About

8) News Without Internet

In an emergency, sometimes we only have time leave with what we have on us. If you don’t have a radio but do have a phone in an emergency, you can still receive news to your phone. If you have cell service but not internet in an emergency you can still receive tweets from news agencies via text. Find out how right here.

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7) Makeshift Bread Pans

Tin cans make great bread loaf pans in a pinch- bonus is that the bread can be boiled in water to bake or cooked in coals (with lid) – think Boston brown bread!

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9) Plastic Storage

Use plastic bottles, not bags, to store dried foodstuffs bought in bulk as they will last longer and be less likely to tear open. Rice, beans, elbow macaroni, and lentils would all fit nicely into plastic water bottles.

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10) Fridge Without Electricity

Two terra cotta pots of differing sizes, the space between filled with wet clean sand, can act as a refrigerator with no electricity. This method of food storage can keep perishables fresh for weeks. The idea was created by Nigerian inventor and school teacher Mohammed Bah Abba for use in the the hot climates of Africa.

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11) Chalk It Up

Keep some pieces of chalk amongst your emergency supplies to use as signals or trail markers in case you have to hike some distance.

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12) Manage Your Toilet

You can still flush your toilet just fine in an emergency when there is no running water by filling up the tank with water from a bucket and flushing as normal (though you’ll have to double up or more on “uses” before flushing to be efficient). This water does not have to be drinking quality!

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13) Emergency Kindling

Doritos make good kindling if there are no twigs or straw around. Having some of these in your emergency kit means not carrying around extra supplies since these can either be burned or eaten (unlike most kindling).

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