100 Years Of Hemlines (And Their Historical Significance)

I had no idea hemlines were so indicative of the era they represent!

Each decade comes with its own set of fashion, from shoes to shirts and everything in between! Have you ever noticed the different hemlines throughout the decades? You might be surprised to find out that skirts and dresses today are actually at their longest since the Great Depression! Keep reading to find out more about the fascinating history of hemlines through the years.

Did you know that the first dress to show a woman’s ankle was made in 1910? As women’s status rose in society, so did their hemlines!

There is so much historical significance to the fashion choices of each era. Everything impacted what women wore. From new found freedom and empowerment in making political statements to rationing of materials and supplies with war efforts. The fashion of each decade was truly indicative of other things going on in that time.

Watch the video below to see 100 years of hemlines and why they were so significant. Which ones do you remember? Share with us in the comments below!