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10 Vintage Dolls That We Really Miss

As kids we may not have been surrounded by dolls, but we loved dreaming about the newest or prettiest dolls. Whether your favorite was a baby doll or a fashion doll they meant the world to us back then!

Child actress Jane Withers with her dolls. Via/ Flickr

5) Terri Lee Dolls

Withs such a sweet face the Terri Lee dolls were quite popular once upon a time. We love the early ’50s look of how her facial features are painted on!

Via/ eBay

4) Ginny/ Vogue Dolls

These lovely dolls were all the rage partly because the clothing was so fashionable. Her name was Ginny, but she is also known as a Vogue doll because early models were stamped “Vogue” for the name of the manufacturing company.

Via/ eBay

3) Blythe Dolls

Released in 1972 and inspired by both Margaret Keane’s Big Eye paintings and Betty Boop, the Blythe dolls were unlike any dolls before. While they aren’t in production today, thanks to many re-issues of Blythe over the years there is now a thriving market for the wigs and accessories that go with this highly customizable doll.

2) Bradley Dolls

These dolls were not as much about playing with, but were more for display. Even so, many little girls were thrilled to have these elegant ladies gracing their bedroom shelves. Whether you had the lamp, music box, or regular doll, they were all so beautiful!

1) Crissy

With hair that grows and grows and her beautiful outfits who could resist Crissy? Little girls at the time had never seen anything like her!

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