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Why There Are Holes In Airplane Windows (And Other Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of)

Arrow On Gas Gauge

Why is it so hard to remember which side of the car the gas tank is on? We’ve got a 50/50 chance of getting it right, yet it seems most times we end up picking the wrong side. However, most cars have a little arrow on the side of the gas gauge. This arrow actually points to the side of the car with the gas tank! You’re welcome.

Pom-Poms On Hats

Nowadays, these pom-poms are merely for decoration, but did you know they once served a very important purpose? In the 18th century, French marines had pom-poms on their hats to cushion their heads from the ship’s low cabin ceilings. So, pom-poms aren’t just fashionable, they help protect your noggin!

Groove In Bottom Of Wine Bottle

Have you ever wondered why wine bottles have that little groove on the bottom? There are actually several practical reasons. First, it helps to chill the wine faster. Second, it makes the bottle resistant to high pressure. Lastly, the groove helps make the bottle easier to pour.

Holes On Pen Caps

You’ve probably noticed some ben caps have holes in the top. Why is that? It seems like the hole is arbitrary, but it actually serves a very important purpose. A lot of people absentmindedly chew on their pen caps. As a result, pen caps can be accidentally swallowed or lodged in the throat. The hole is to allow air passage until the cap can be removed. How many people had this happened before pen manufacturers put that hole there?

Extra Ridges On Pill Bottles

Some pill bottle caps have extra ridges on the top. If you flip the cap around, you can use it as a normal cap, but this one isn’t childproof. So, don’t use it if you have some stuff you don’t want the kiddos getting into. But, if you don’t have kids, this trick can make your life a lot easier!

Which one of these hacks did you find the most useful? Let us know in the comments below!

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