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10 Quilting Hacks I Wish I Knew Sooner!

Don’t Pin, Do This Instead!

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Pinning fabric can be tedious and unreliable. Instead, you can use a water-soluble glue to line up your fabrics. Once you wash the quilt, the glue will dissolve! You can also use pressing sheets to iron fabrics together. The sheets will also dissolve in the wash.

Apply Bias Strips

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Do you have a lot of curves in your quilt and you don’t want to do mitered corners? Use some bias strips to bind your edges and help your needle grab the fabric. This not only helps your edges to look cleaner, it also prevents gathering.

Keep Quilting!

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Just keep quilting! No one is perfect, and with each quilt we create, we learn new ways to mess it up, and hopefully new ways to fix it and do it better next time. This is a life-long hobby where there are always new things to learn along the way. What is your favorite quilting tip? Share with us in the comments below!

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