From the first days that gold was discovered Out West, the miners that panned for gold had varying degrees of success. Most came back poorer than when they set out and a fair number ended up working for larger companies, mining for a pittance of what they would make on their own. But, such were the breaks when it came to gold mining back then. The photos below are from over a 50 year period and show the mining operations in various states, from gold panning to weighing out the gold.

The abandoned Stempede Gold Mine in Kantishna, Alaska. Via/ Library of Congress
Miner washing gold in Alaska in the gold rush of the early 1900s. Via/ Library of Congress
Panning for gold at claim #3, Miller Creek, probably in Idaho. Via/ Library of Congress
Bullion Mine, Nevada in 1866. Larger operations needed hoisting equipment. Via/ Library of Congress
Gold flake ore in pan, Alaska, 1916. Via/ Library of Congress

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