“Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

In 2016, a contestant by the name of Emily Keener gave a rousing performance of Elton John’s 1973 hit “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road” that left many views with goosebumps! Her unique voice was perfectly suited for the song, as the standing ovation she received shows. One of the great things about this show is getting to see these young performers’ takes on some of our old favorites, and while we tend to be traditionalists, this was one cover we were happy to hear.


“Come Together’

If you’re going to attempt to cover the Beatles, you’d better be ready for the scrutiny that comes with it. In 2016, Sophia Urista did just that, and her gritty, energetic performance of 1969’s “Come Together” brought the house down! We love how she adds her own flair to it, while keeping the passion of the original. See for yourself!


“Stand by Me”

In 1961, Ben. E King released his timeless single “Stand by Me,” and it has been delighting generations ever since. Darby Walker from The Voice 2016 was evidently a fan, as she used her unique voice to deliver one of the more unforgettable performances of the season. Her raspy voice is perfect at capturing the emotion and feelings of the original.


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