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Visiting The Pie Town, New Mexico Fair In 1940

Pie Town, New Mexico is a small, all-but-forgotten farm community in New Mexico. Following the Great Depression, photographer Russell Lee visited the community for the Farm Security Administration and was lucky enough to be there during the annual October Fair. The photos that follow capture a rare view in to the strength and vibrant life of a small farm community that not only came together during tough times, but came out on the other side even stronger.

Getting ready to serve the barbeque dinner at the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair. Just look at that food.

Men of the community of Pie Town, New Mexico eating at the barbeque

Driving calves into the corral for roping at the rodeo of the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair

Homesteader and his children eating barbeque at the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair

Homesteader feeding his daughter at the Pie Town, New Mexico Fair free barbeque

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