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10 Iconic American Road Trips

Even in a growing age of air travel, road trips remain firmly entrenched in the American psyche. Driving is still the best way to experience the country’s wealth of national parks; it’s also the most practical means of exploring America’s vast and varied terrain.

As such, we’re ranking America’s most iconic road trips, each of which has reached the upper echelons of American lore. Some will appeal to nature lovers; other specifically to beach-goers, music lovers and history buffs. Considering that more than 4 million miles of roadway criss-crossing 50 U.S. states, this list is far from exhaustive, but it may also help inspire your next overland adventure.

10. Florida Overseas Highway

In a quintessentially Floridian tale, the southernmost stretch of U.S. Route 1 was born from a hurricane, which wiped out the existing railway. The replacement highway also connected Miami with the Florida Keys, stretching 112 miles past white sand islands, ship wrecks, and sub-tropical wildlife, sometimes right over remnants of the existing track.

Since then, the amalgamation of 42 bridges of highways has been named an All-American Road, which isn’t at all surprising considering its stunning locale and sweeping views. The undisputed highlight is the Seven Mile Bridge, which connects Florida’s lower and middle keys opposite the part of the original railroad track, Old Seven, that now doubles as a popular fishing pier and boardwalk.

Which scenic route is “America’s Favorite Drive?”

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