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9 Charming Fads from the 1940s

3) Unpainted Half Moon & Tip Manicures

This trend began in the ’30s and continued into the ’40s. Some have speculated that the manicure in which one swipes off the tips and avoids the half moon part of the nail was begun because nail polish was initially seen as a way for women to hide the dirt that might have been lurking under their nails. In the ’40s with women working in factories, the notion of a manicure that was hard to chip was appealing to many. By the end of the decade, full almond-shaped nails in red or pink were becoming the norm, publicized in the many color ads which now ran through popular ladies magazines.


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2) Shoulder Pads & Puff Sleeves

Following the trend in menswear and reusing old suits for ladies’ wear, shoulder pads and puff sleeves were the look of the ’40s.


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1) Big Apple Swing Dance Circles

The roots of swing dance go back to the ’30s, but in the ’40s it became dominant dance for young people. Herbert “Whitey” White headed a group that performed at the famous Savoy Club and regularly appeared in the movies. The Big Apple gave everyone a chance to strut their stuff. You can see them in action in the video below.

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