While Michael Jordan is most well-known for basketball, he’s also one of the first people that we think of when we think about underwear.

For the younger readers out there, give us a chance to explain. You see, he’s been a spokesman for the Hanes company for a whopping 30 years now. To add further context, that is twice as long as he spent playing in the NBA.

Photo: flickr/Kip-koech

While much of this is probably common knowledge, sports auction house Lelands is here to provide a very unique opportunity. They are claiming to be in possession of a pair of boxer briefs that was owned and worn by the NBA titan. According to the listing, this pair of boxer briefs “shows definite use.”

They are not offering any further specifications and that is the part that us laughing. We are not sure how you can possibly authenticate something like this.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

John Michael Wozniak is the man who is responsible for providing the underwear and we are willing to believe that his connection to Michael Jordan is legitimate. He was the basketball star’s one-time security guard.

Wozniak also received a number of items as gifts from Jordan, which are also being placed up for auction. Suits, ties, and belts that were offered to the security guard will be available for purchase. May the highest bidder win! We cannot wait to see who manages to take all of this stuff home.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The sports collectibles world has been all about Jordan items for some time now, understandably so. You won’t believe the prices that some of these items fetch, even if you are a Michael Jordan fan since back in the day. In May 2020, a pair of game-worn Nikes from his 1985 rookie season sold for $560,000.

In case you are curious, the bidding has already begun when it comes to underwear. The price has already climbed to $1,299. The auction ends on September 25 and you can check it out here.

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