Long-haul trucker David Platt believes money is “just a number on a screen” and it’s “investment in people” that counts.

Single mother Brenda Pearson spent Mother’s Day working a double shift at an out-of-the-way Oklahoma truck stop diner. Her story inspired trucker David Platt to leave her TWO separate thousand dollar tips.

Truck stop waitress Brenda Pearson will always remember Mothers Day 2018, after long-haul trucker David Platt blessed Brenda with not one but TWO separate one thousand dollar tips.

Platt stopped by the truck stop diner in Roland, Oklahoma with a cheeseburger on his mind. He left in a wake of good karma after two unprecedented acts of generosity and selflessness.

Single mother Brenda Pearson waited on Platt and took his order. The two had quite a while to chat after the kitchen screwed up Platt’s order. While they waited, Platt learned that his waitress was a single mother working a double shift at an out-of-the-way truck stop on Mother’s Day — in order to support her family.

Platt said that it was Brenda’s story that inspired him to leave a thousand dollar tip on his credit card slip at the end of his meal. It certainly wasn’t the food. Despite that, Platt justified the tip based on his interactions with Pearson — he felt that she just needed the money more than he did.

“We talked about the Lord and about her life and her children. I got the impression that she was having a hard time of it, so I thought I’d just help her out a little bit,” he told KOCO 5 News of Oklahoma City.

Pearson was gob-smacked when she looked down at the credit card slip and saw the thousand dollar gratuity. She tracked down Platt to make sure there wasn’t a mistake.

“I said, ‘What? Are you serious?’ He said yes. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t hardly breathe. It took my breath away,” Pearson told 5 News KFSM-TV.

But that wasn’t the end of the story. A little later in the day, Platt had a hankering for a piece of pie — and he knew just the spot. After devouring a piece of Banana Creme Pie, Platt left Pearson ANOTHER thousand dollar gratuity.

Platt called his generous tips “investments.”

“Money is just paper or numbers on a screen,” Platt said. “Self-gratification only goes so far. So, when you’re helping another person, you’re adding something to the world. It’s an investment and people, people are what’s important.”

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