5 Commercials That Show The Crazy Things We Used To Do To Our Hair

Before serums and gadgets, we used to do our hair a little bit differently.

Before serums and gadgets dominated our bathrooms, we used to do our hair a little bit differently. There were no hairsprays or home perms. Even shampoo wasn’t in every home yet. When new products did come along, TV commercials advertised these products’ almost magical properties to make our hair styles do things no natural hair would do. From wild claims to ridiculous (and catchy) theme songs, these hair care commercials from the past are unforgettable. Here we’ve gathered five of our all-time favorite hair care commercials for you to watch!

5) Ozon Fluid Net Hairspray

Via/ YouTube

Do you want your hair to feel like hair? Of course you do! Between the heavy setting lotions and the hairspray applied after the curlers were out, those vintage hair-dos could become pretty sticky. And, no one likes to get there hand stuck in there. It’s quite a funny way to say it, though!

4) Jhirmack Shampoo

Via/ YouTube

This jubilant jingle with hyper-active hair tossing together combined to create a sensational ad that gets stuck in your head big-time. But, probably anyone’s hair would bounce back like that if they shook their head around like the girl in the TV spot! With their extensive shampoo line, just about everyone had used this one at some point.


3) Lady Sunbeam Hairdryer

Via/ YouTube

This is the one that we all remember so well! So fast and compact! We never had one and I really can’t imagine any of the women in my family using such a device. But, man did this make waves when it first came out. The idea that you could do anything else at all while your hair dried was really revolutionary. And, it looks so, ahem, interesting! Variations of this classic were made for years to come and in just about every color imaginable.


2) Lilt Home Permanent

Via/ YouTube

From the complicated world of the salon to the comfort of your own home! Home perms were supposed to be lifesavers. But, how many of you used a home perm and actually got “professional” results? Most often a home perm either left your hair too tightly curled or unevenly curled. Still, it was a nice idea! If you had professional tools and skills this one might not have been so bad. But, here we were thinking you could “get the look” with no training or specialty tools!

1) Brylcreem Hair Pomade

Via/ YouTube

Watch out with this one! If you dare to use two dabs instead of one, Brylcreem cannot be held responsible for what happens next. The ladies might attack you! While the idea is ridiculous, we wonder how many young men tried to use a little extra Brylcreem after seeing this one! And, this ad is a two-for because there’s also a spot for the ladies’ shampoo, Silverkrin. Her flip is perfection itself, probably because of the life she washed into it!

Growing up what were your favorite hair products?