5 Commercials That Show The Crazy Things We Used To Do To Our Hair

Before serums and gadgets, we used to do our hair a little bit differently.

Before serums and gadgets dominated our bathrooms, we used to do our hair a little bit differently. There were no hairsprays or home perms. Even shampoo wasn’t in every home yet. When new products did come along, TV commercials advertised these products’ almost magical properties to make our hair styles do things no natural hair would do. From wild claims to ridiculous (and catchy) theme songs, these hair care commercials from the past are unforgettable. Here we’ve gathered five of our all-time favorite hair care commercials for you to watch!

5) Ozon Fluid Net Hairspray

Via/ YouTube

Do you want your hair to feel like hair? Of course you do! Between the heavy setting lotions and the hairspray applied after the curlers were out, those vintage hair-dos could become pretty sticky. And, no one likes to get there hand stuck in there. It’s quite a funny way to say it, though!

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