$1,200 Vase Found At Thrift Store

We all get excited about a good thrift store find, but this is a completely different ball game!

We all get excited about a good thrift store find – from a barely worn pair of shoes on sale to a name brand dress sold at a fraction of the original price, what’s not to love about going to a thrift store? Some people have a different kind of thrift store find altogether.

Take the woman in the video below, for example. She purchased a large vase from her local thrift store for $30. She liked the way it looked, with the pretty decor and details. Little did she know what she actually had in her hands!

It turns out this vase isn’t just pretty, it’s actually worth a pretty penny. Antique expert, dr. Lori gives us some more info on the piece in the video below. She tells us that it’s probably from the 1930s and would have usually come in a set of two. These vases were put on either side of a throne. Since there’s just the one vase here, the value was diminished a bit, but dr. Lori still estimates the value of this single vase at around $1,200!

That’s pretty incredible considering the owner picked it up for $30! Go ahead and watch the short video below to get more info on the piece, and learn a trick or two about identifying valuable pieces in the thrift store!

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