If you didn’t already know, the Jivin’ Jack and Jills were a talented bunch of teen performers who danced and acted in films throughout the 1940s. These wartime films were heavy on the dancing, just the way we like them! And this one is full of energetic swing dance moves. Often funny and always in perfect time, this group performs a fun dance here to the tune of “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” that gets a little out of hand. From the film Private Buckaroo (1942), this troupe looks like they are having a blast dancing and laughing in this clip.

One of the kids, Donald O’Connor, went on to create one of the funniest scenes in Singing in the Rain. Another member was Peggy Ryan who performed in many films and later went on to be a regular on Hawaii 5-0 and continued dancing into her seventies! Have a look at this sensational troupe doing a real doozy of a dance.