From her understated ensembles to her formal attire, Audrey Hepburn always presented herself with such poise and grace, drawing on clean lines to help create the kinds of looks that will never go out of style. In her films we saw Hepburn in so many styles, many of which were iconic, but her own choices off screen were just as stunning!

Simple and classic was often her style, as in this photo from 1956. Via/ Wiki Commons
Hepburn always made casual look elegant somehow, 1959. Via/ Wiki Commons
Simple was almost her trademark and it really worked for her, even with teased hair in 1961! Via/ Wiki Commons
Hepburn kept up with the trends while keeping her own sense of style, as seen in this utterly “her” hairstyle from 1966. Via/ Wiki Commons
At the White House in 1981, Hepburn’s dress looks like it could have been made today or in 1960. What a truly timeless sense of style she had! Via/ Wiki Commons

One of the reasons Audrey Hepburn’s style is so chic and timeless is that she valued simplicity. But, that simplicity also speaks to her personality- not swaying to trends or frills in the same way that some do. She remained true to her own tastes and that is true style like no one else.

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