From the 1944 film Broadway Rhythm, the Ross Sisters perform “Solid Potato Salad,” (a song later recorded by by Nat King Cole in 1946). This quirky scene had singing, dancing, acrobatics, and incredible contortionist moves. To say that these talented and fresh-faced young women brought a little something extra to the stage is an understatement. The reason they did not appear in more Hollywood films? They traveled to England soon after this movie and appeared mostly on the stage.

Contrary to popular belief, the Ross Sisters were not triplets, but were born over three years. Their stardom only lasted for around 8 years, between when they first received press accords in 1942 to 1950, at which point all three were married. The sensational trio even performed for King George VI! Have a look below at a wonderful scene from some very talented girls! And, if you like this then check out the Andrews Sisters singing an old favorite right here.