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5 Things About The Rat Pack You Probably Didn’t Know!

From the late ‘50s to to the mid-‘60s, no one ruled Hollywood quite like the Rat Pack. Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop were the kings of the Las Vegas Strip. If you were looking for a good time, chances were you could find them at the Sands Hotel. With such interesting characters and lavish lifestyles, there’s not much the public doesn’t already know about the Rat Pack; that said, we thought the following five facts were too interesting not to share!

What some of our younger readers might not know is, the original Rat Pack was actually formed in the 50s, and centered around Humphrey Bogart (they’re commonly referred to as the Holmby Hills Rat Pack). The group we’re focusing on never actually referred to themselves as the Rat Pack, but instead went by “the Summit” or “the Clan.” Click Next Page for Frank Sinatra!

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