Take A Tour Of The Poison Garden Of Alnwick Castle, Where Every Plant Can Kill.

Alnwick Castle, the traditional seat of the Duke of Northumberland, is a popular tourist attraction in northeastern England, and for good reason. The beautiful castle (which was the setting for Hogwarts for the first two Harry Potter movies) sits on lush, rolling greens, and is surrounded by 14 acres of enchanting gardens containing rows of fragrant flowers and flowing fountains. However, there is one section of the garden where tourists are told to stay away; hidden behind thick iron gates is the Alnwick Castle Poison Garden.

While the castle itself dates back to the late 11th century, the Poison Garden is fairly new. It’s the brainchild of Jane Percy, the Duchess of Northumberland, whose family took up residence in the castle in 1995. She wanted to do something different with the garden, and after visiting the Medici poison garden in Italy, was inspired to create her own. The Poison Garden is home to 100 types of poisonous plants, including exotic killers like Brugmansia (angel’s trumpet) and dried hogweed. Take a tour of this fascinating garden below to learn more. Would you want to visit this garden? Let us know in the comments!

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