We often get the impression that the stars don’t cook for themselves, but back in Old Hollywood that wasn’t always the case. Magazines and cookbooks of the era regularly featured recipes from the most notable faces in the movie biz. Was it a ruse to sway the public into believing that celebrities are just like regular folks? Some of these recipes are just quirky enough for them to be pretty personal. Have a look below at these 8 recipes from classic film stars and celebrities to see for yourself.

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8) Boris Karloff’s Guacamole

Boris Karloff was best known as the spooky villain in many movies, so it’s hard to think of him busting out of the kitchen with some cold beers, chips, and guacamole for the whole gang. But, his recipe speaks to a particular taste that it would have been hard ton make up! This unusual recipe calls for adding sherry to the mix! You certainly don’t see that everyday. Surprisingly, Vincent Price also had a famous guac recipe, but his was made with mayonnaise of all things!

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7) Tippi Hedren’s Seafood Delight

In the cookbook, Hedren notes how easy this dish is to make and how impressive it is on the table. We’re not sure this would pass the test with foodies today since it relies on canned ingredients, but it’s interesting to wonder if she really served this to her guests and if they were dazzled or not! The dish is served with potato chips on top! Get the recipe here.

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6) Carole Lombard’s Chicken Mousse

This is the type of recipe we just don’t see very often today, but back in the day aspics, mousses, and souffl├ęs came in all kinds of flavors. Today we often think of mushy dishes as more suited for sweet treats, but this type of chicken mousse would have been very so elegant for the era. Find Lombard’s special recipe right here.

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5) Lucy’s Persimmon Cake

With her intense TV stardom, one might not think Lucille Ball cooked that much. But, the legacy of her recipes begs to differ. You can find her persimmon cake recipe (as well as her goulash recipe) here.

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