Most People Will Have No Idea What These Quaint Old Christmas Terms Mean

There are so many Christmas traditions around the world that it’s no wonder that some of them are pretty unfamiliar to many of us. Some of them have histories that stretch into the days of invading Vikings, while others are purely modern inventions. Here are 9 old fashioned Christmas terms and traditions that you might not have heard of before.

9) Twelvetide

This word is used in the same way that yuletide is, except this specifically means the twelve days of Christmas. During holidays of yore, the first day of Christmas began on Christmas Day and proceeded until January 5th.

8) Yule Goat

Made of straw and often quite large, the highly flammable yule goat tradition got started in 1966 and was promptly set on fire by vandals. In Scandinavian countries, the yule goat as a symbol of the holidays goes back to pre-Christian days from Norse mythology. Over the years many carolers have gone door to door dressed as yule goats and begging snacks and drinks off their hosts. The straw version is also used an an ornament on trees and on holiday gear.

7) Krampus

He is the punisher of bad children who has the appearance of a devil or a goat-man hybrid is just waiting to scare kids into acting right, with adults in costume sometimes play acting to kidnap kids. Krampus is like the swift hand of Christmas justice in many countries across Europe and is often seen as working in cahoots with Saint Nicholas (or Santa). Many children are rightly very scared of Krampus.

6) Yule Hole

This is the extra notch on a belt that some of us need after an (ahem) ample Christmas dinner!

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