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Philly’s Strange Mummer Culture in Ten Photos

Wench Brigades

The Wench Brigades are comprised of fantastically-dressed male and female acrobats, dancers and circus-style performers.

The Wench Brigades are an offshoot of the Comic Division, the brigades that make up the Wench Brigade Division are over 100 costumed members. The Wench Brigades are noted for having live bands and being traditional mummers. Like the String Bands and Fancy Brigades, the Wenches Brigades have a centralized theme they have to portray.

The Wench Brigades pride themselves on continuing traditions such as the dress-and-bloomers “suits,” painted faces, decorated umbrellas, and live brass bands to accompany the brigade.
The Wench Brigades include Bryson, Cara Liom, Froggy Carr, O’Malley, Oregon, Pirates, Riverfront, Saints, Americans and JHJ Saints.

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