That Michelangelo Really Knew What He Was Doing…But How Did He Do It?!

Are you ever just flabbergasted by how certain masterpieces were created? Now you can finally see how it’s done!

While we love art from lots of different time periods, there’s something about the Renaissance that absolutely fascinates us; the paintings, the engravings, etc., it’s all amazing…but the one artform that impresses us the most from the Renaissance is the sculpture.

Not only did sculptors hone in on creating incredibly life-like sculptures in this era, but they were also able to capture unbelievably realistic human emotion in their sculptures’ faces that brought said pieces to life. Seeing them, it seems impossible that they’re made from cold, unfeeling marble…. We’ve always wondered how an artist was and is able to achieve that level of skill and capture that depth of emotion when chipping away at a block of stone, thankfully, the Getty Museum answered all our questions for us and shows us how it’s done – check it out!