Michael Jackson’s passing is still hard to wrap our minds around. We assumed that he would end up living forever but fortunately, he left behind some great music for us to remember him by.

He is one of the most transcendent talents that we have ever seen and we are constantly receiving reminders of this. These isolated vocals serve as a prime example of this.

Photo: Flickr/MGEARTWORKS License: CC BY 2.0

The vocals are taken from his classic song “Man In The Mirror,” which was a seminal song for many of us. We can remember exactly where we were the first time that we heard it and the excited moments we had singing it with our friends.

Now, thanks to these isolated vocals shared by @voceux.voceux, we are able to appreciate this song in a whole new way.

Photo: Instagram/@voceux.voceu

All of the MJ fans out there are sure to love this one. There is not enough praise that can be heaped on it. For example, back in 2009, Josh Tyrangiel said that it was a top ten Michael Jackson song and no one seemed to have much of an argument against that.

He went on to call it “one of Jackson’s most powerful vocals and accessible social statements, not to mention the best-ever use of a gospel choir in a pop song.”

Photo: Flickr/Daniele Dalledonne License: CC BY-SA 2.0

These are sentiments that we find it hard to disagree with as well. Of course, this may lead to some good-natured debates among the Michael Jackson fandom. Once you stop to put an actual top ten together, it gets so difficult. This man was giving us hit after hit after hit and he was making it look so effortless.

He did not have much competition, either. If you are drawing comparisons to what Michael accomplished, you have to go to the tip top of the A list. For us, the only people that can be compared to him are artists like Stevie Wonder and Prince.


Nothing in the modern day scratches the same itch and now that entertainment is more fragmented, it is hard to imagine someone having that type of universal approval again.

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