In 1977 when Elvis Presley died, he left Graceland to his daughter Lisa Marie. Now, upon her untimely death her three daughters will inherit the Graceland property in Memphis. Lisa Marie passed away on January 12, 2023, after being treated for cardiac arrest at her home. She was rushed to the hospital where she died. She is being laid to rest at Graceland, just as Elvis and his parents and grandmother, as well as her son Benjamin Keough, were before her.

Now, her adult daughter Riley and her twin teens Harper and Finley, will be the ones to inherit Graceland, the over-the-top mansion that was Elvis’ dream home made into reality in 1957.

After making it big in the music and entertainment business the first house Elvis had purchased had throngs of fans clogging the sidewalks and streets. So, he asked his parents to look for someplace with some acreage to pad it from the rest of the neighborhood. They found Graceland.

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The 13-acre Graceland plot contains a 1939 house, which Elvis promptly had decorated in his signature style of glitz, gold, and glamour. The interior and exterior were added to regularly, as evidenced by the mid-1970s decor found in parts of the house. The property was opened to visitors in 1982.

When Elvis died in 1977 Lisa Marie was only 9-years-old, so the house was in the care of a trust which was set up to be dissolved when she reached the age of 25. In 1993 she became the sole owner when the trust was no longer mandated.

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Lisa Marie and her mother, Priscilla, managed Graceland in recent years, displaying a trove of Elvis’ personal artifacts in the collections there and adding to his legacy. They also added visitors as it’s now the second most-visited house in the US after the White House. You can even stay overnight at the Guest House at Graceland hotel, which has 450 guest rooms.

Via: Terry Waggoner/Wiki Commons

In addition to handling some of the affairs for Graceland in her final years, Lisa Marie was also a talented singer-songwriter who produced three albums. She made many friends in the music industry and her memorial service held at Graceland was a star-studded event that included performances by Alanis Morisette, Axl Rose, and Billy Corgan.

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