What was once owned and operated by Woolworth’s Department Store, this cafe is now owned by the Trammel brothers who want to keep the history of Woolworth’s alive. In Bakersfield, California, in an original Woolworth’s store, is the aptly-named Woolworth Diner and it has been in operation since 2010. Here they serve American dishes mostly made in-house like burgers, shakes, fries, potato salad, and homemade pies. For diners who are looking for an authentic experience the diner provides a taste of the past.

Via/ YouTube

The design of the 74-foot long counter and the accoutrement of the diner are in the original style as would have been seen in the 1950s and beyond. The food is made, according to the owners, “fresh and simple” for an experience of “the way things used to be.” And get this, the rest of space is filled with an antique store. Talk about a day of fun! Take a look at this wonderful place in the video below, the last of the Woolworth’s lunch counters.

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