Jim Reeves would be remembered for his gospel songs, but he had a thriving pop and country career before that. Reeves earned the nickname “Gentleman Jim” from his good manners and smooth voice, and even in the hit “He’ll Have to Go” Reeves keeps his cool.

This 1960 crossover hit tells how Reeves is going to come over and win back his girl, at which point she’ll have to send the other fella packing. The song is about a love triangle, but Reeves never comes across as angry or jealous in the song and that’s the beauty of his delivery: always smooth. Whether you remember this hit or not, one thing is for certain: there was no one with a voice a smooth as his! Sadly, Reeves died too young in a plane crash, just like Buddy Holly and Patsy Cline, but his music lives on. Have a look in the video below.