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How Classic Metal Cookie Cutters Are Made

As soon as the first leaves fall from the trees, that autumn feeling gets us every year. Around this time we start baking more, making cookies for all the fall and winter holidays. For that reason, those old fashioned metal cookie cutters will forever be associated with the holidays for many people. Perhaps because they are such a fond part of the seasonal celebrations we enjoy so much, there are a huge variety of these cookie cutters available. It’s one of those vintage-style products that never seems to go out of style.

Well, if you’ve ever wondered how these products get made then keep reading. Firstly, strips of tin are cut at the correct size and width for the design. Next, the ring is riveted together. Then, the ring is compressed using hydraulic steel forms. These can be either machine-driven or hand-operated. A simple shape of cookie might only have 5 presses, while a more intricate one might have 7 or 8. It’s mesmerizing to watch how they get crimped into shape – just like that!

Watch the video below to see these cookie cutter machines at a family-operated cookie cutter factory called Off the Beaten Path.

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