Foods You Just Don’t See Much Anymore

Tastes change, but we miss some of these yummy foods!

Our tastes change over the years, but there are some foods that we have to wonder why we don’t have them as much. Some of these foods are quite nostalgic from our childhoods, while others are foods our parents and grandparents ate so many years ago. How many of these foods do you remember fondly?

1) Pickled Eggs

Seems like there was always a jar of these grandma’s house!

Via/ Flickr

2) Taffy

There was a time when taffy was a beloved candy among children and adults alike. Taffy pulling machines at parks and wax-wrapped regional flavors remind us of summer trips as kids!

Via/ Flickr

3) Liver and Onions

We still sort of miss this old-time favorite. Mom used to make this all the time when we were kids!

Via/ Wiki Commons

4) Bread Pudding

Is there anything better than bread pudding served with some butterscotch sauce or maybe a little vanilla ice cream? This version uses raisins!

Via/ Flickr

5) Fruitcake

This holiday favorite is actually a wonderful memory from growing up. This recipe calls for the traditional brandy for adding flavor and preserving the cake.

Homemade was always the best! Via/ Flickr

6) Mead

This medieval drink of honey wine isn’t so common anymore, but the drink enjoyed popularity right into the Victorian era.

17th century mead goblet from Russia. Via/ Wiki Commons

7) Grapenut Pudding

The recipe used to be on the cereal box, but it”s been many years since we’ve seen that! Still a regional favorite on the East Coast, this is one of those desserts we wish were served more often.

Via/ Flickr

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