Do you have a favorite apron from your mother or grandmother? Or are you the kind of person who loves to comb through yard sales while you dream of projects? Try re-purposing vintage aprons into cute new decor with these creative ideas. Before grabbing the scissors, check Country Living to see if your old aprons are valuable!

Make a Curtain Valence

Give your sun room or kitchen a cute new window treatment. Attach the aprons with clothespins for an extra whimsical look.

From: Playingwithbrushes / flickr

Make Rag Balls

Is your vintage apron already torn or falling apart? Combine with other sentimental fabrics from old ties or quilts to make lovely rag balls like these to decorate your craft room.

From: normanack / flickr

Make an Indoor Clothesline

String some jute up against the wall, pin on some aprons and make a cute indoor clothesline. This is a great look for rustic cabins or sewing rooms.

From: Vintage Fairytale / flickr

Sew Your Apron into a Quilt

Turn your grandmother’s apron into patches on a quilt. Remember the happy times you’ve spent baking with your family every time you curl up with it.

From: DanaK~WaterPenny / flickr

Sew a Pillow

Pillows made out of old aprons make great, thoughtful gifts.

From: Orin Zebest / flickr

Display Your Aprons on Old Moldings or Other Antiques

Lisa’s Creative Designs suggests hanging aprons off a favorite piece of reclaimed wood or an antique coat rack.

From: Lori L. Stalteri / flickr

Organize Seating at a Bridal Shower

Lisa’s Creative Designs also recommends using aprons as nametags on the back of chairs at a bridal shower luncheon.

From: Jes Stevens / flickr

Play Bridal Shower Games

Keeping with the kitchen theme, orchestrate some fun party games at a bridal shower. Allow the host to briefly model an apron with pockets stuffed full of kitchen utensils. The host then leaves the room and all the contestants write down every utensil they can remember seeing. Whoever remembers the most, wins!