You’ve Never Seen Van Gogh’s Paintings Like This Before

If Van Gogh made a film, what would it look like? Maybe a bit like “Loving Vincent,” an animated film based on Van Gogh’s life and his letters.

This unique film is unbelievable in a way you’d probably never see coming.

Painstaking though the process will be, each of the 56,800 frames of the film will be hand-painted with canvas in the artist’s distinctive style, thus making each visual of the film look like a living Van Gogh painting.

That’s right. We had trouble believing it too.

Over 100 painters have contributed to this ambitious project by Oscar-winning studios BreakThru Films and Trademark Films, and you can watch the first trailer here.

For more on Van Gogh, watch the story of the painting that was rejected multiple times by experts and museums before finally being accepted as an original Van Gogh.

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