9 Basic Rules of Etiquette We Learned In Charm School

Growing up back then was a lot different than it is today.

You’d have to attend a finishing school to learn these things today, but back then these were things that were taught in public school and by the adults around us. They were taught as part of high school classes, and by the adults we trusted in our lives. They wanted to make sure we always knew how to act! It’s amazing what a little instruction can do!

Good Posture

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We were taught to always sit up straight. Slouching was showing a lack of respect for yourself and for those around you. And who else had to balance books on their heads to improve your poise and posture?

End of the Night

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The lady decides when the evening is over, through some subtle, but noticeable cues, like passing on dessert. Of course, this means her date has to pay attenion!

Respect for Older Ladies

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Young ladies should rise when an older woman enters the room. This is an old one from way back when!