From the time we are very young, we learn our ABCs. At first, it is just a simple song that teaches us the letters in a specific order, but eventually, we use those letters in our everyday life.

To be honest, nobody really gives much thought to the origin of the alphabet, but it is more interesting than most people realize. This is brought out in an interesting way in a video from a linguist.

Photo: Pixabay/Gerd Altmann

Rob Watts went on YouTube to tell the story about how each letter in the language had evolved in some way or another.

He talks about how they came from earlier languages and that the letters followed a certain path from there to here.

Photo: YouTube/RobWords

Some of the earlier languages that make up the origin of the English language include Greek, Latin, Phoenician, and Norman French. There is even some indication that Egyptian hieroglyphics played a part in the source of our letters.

In the video, he talks about how every letter in the alphabet has a story to tell.

Photo: YouTube/RobWords

He then tells the story and gives some visual clues as to how we got our letters from A to Z.

If you would like to learn more about the origin of our alphabet, below is an interesting and enjoyable video:

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