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See the Girls in Action in These Amazing Photos of the All American Girls Baseball League

If you’re like us, then great historical movies are some of your favorites. We have always loved A League of Their Own and wanted to find out more about this wonderful piece of American history. The women of the All American League are beautiful, fierce, and talented. Their stories tell of a changing nation, an American public hungry for baseball, and of an old-fashioned way of doing things. Have a look at these amazing photos from the heyday of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League.

Dick Bass and the Fort Wayne Daisies

Coach Dick Bass huddles with the Fort Wayne Daisies. Photo via/ State Archives of Florida

As World War II raged on in the early 1940s and consumed the world’s attention, the numbers of men drafted steadily rose. Male baseball players in the U.S. were fighting overseas and potential players were also being called for the the draft. Since fewer men remained, the future of the sport and the prospects of many baseball fields were left in question. As most baseball fields were struggling to break even at the time, the chewing gum mogul, Phillip K. Wrigley, was called on to find a solution that would help save American baseball.

Gene George, Daisy Junor, Dorice Reid, and Dodie Healy AAGPBL 1948

Gene George, Daisy Junor, Dorice Reid, and Dodie Healy take a break. Photo via/ State Archives of Florida

Marge Callahan 1948 Slides Into Home Base, Norris Ward Umpire AAGPBL

Marge Callahan sliding into home base. Photo via/ State Archives of Florida

In 1943 the answer seemed clear: women’s softball. The All-American Girls Softball League was created with Wrigley serving as a board member. It was only after some debate about whether a softball league could replace a baseball league that the name of the league was changed to reflect a more hybrid version of the game. The new name, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, would change again several times over the following decade.

Via/ Wiki Commons

Betsy Jochum, AAGPBL player from 1943-1948. Photo via/ Wiki Commons

Dottie Schroeder in 1948 in FL Playing for the AAGBPL

Dottie Schroeder in 1948 in FL Playing for the AAGBPL. Photo via/ State Archives of Florida

Scouts were sent all over North America in order to find the most promising players. Sometimes dozens of girls would compete for one or two spots during a tryout, according to Dottie Schroeder, one of the most well-loved and certainly the longest-playing team member in the league.

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