8 Pearls of Wisdom on Beauty That Our Mothers & Grandmothers Swore By

They really knew how to be elegant without going overboard!

Compared to today’s ever-changing fashion styles and excessive choice of accessories, our mothers and grandmothers had a more limited palette to work with. But, what they lacked in style options they made up for in wisely edited choices and common sense beauty wisdom. While everyone had a different way of getting ready, there are a few pieces of advice that we never have forgotten. Here are some of their pearls of fashion wisdom that still apply in any decade.

8) Magic Number

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Who else was told to do 100 brush strokes with the hair brush before bed? It really does make your hair shine, too!

7) Camay

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They swore by Camay soap for gorgeous skin. Whether it worked or not it smelled divine!

6) Wrinkled Clothes Will Never Do

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We don’t iron nearly so much these days, but even our easy care fabrics need a little love from time to time. Going out in wrinkled clothes was to be avoided whenever possible.

5) Sparing Scent

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A little Chantilly or White Shoulders or Shalimar behind the ears (not too much!) or maybe even just a little scented powder is all you need. They always smelled nice, but not over-powering.

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