Do You Have A $7,000 Penny?

It’s time to check your pockets.

Fortunes are won and lost by the choices we make, but sometimes, we may have a fortune pass through our fingers and we don’t even know it. That just may be the case if you have a 1983 Lincoln penny, as there are some that are worth up to $7,000.

This interesting tidbit was released on TikTok by Blake Alma, who runs the CoinHub social media account. They are telling people that these 1983 pennies are out there and if you have one, you may just be able to cash in on it.

Photo: TikTok/@coinhub

These pennies are different than most 1983 Lincoln pennies. Typically, you will see a mint mark after the date, which is a letter that shows where the coin was minted.

This particular penny, however, doesn’t have a mint mark which makes it unique.

Photo: TikTok/@coinhub

Alma said: “Next, you’ll want to check the bottom of the coin’s other side to see if the ‘One cent’ wording has a ‘doubling effect.'”

A doubling occurs when the stamping machine imprints the coin two times in different locations. It almost creates a 3-D look to the coin.

Photo: TikTok/@coinhub

In 1983, 7.7 billion pennies were made in the United States. Out of those, about 5000 have the doubling that makes them so valuable, according to CNBC’s Make It.

For those who find such a coin, a trip to a certified coin dealer is in order. After they verify the coin and grade it, you find out how much it is worth. If it is in near-perfect condition, you are in the money.


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After that video was posted that urged people to check their coin jars, it went viral. Who knows, you might have more value in cash than you thought!

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