Woman Tests Out 500 Years Of Hairstyles

She covered hairstyles from the 1500s all the way through today.

Morgan Donner is a historical seamstress who is here to give us a history lesson. However, she is not going to be going about this in the traditional manner.

No, she is not pulling out a textbook or anything along those lines. Instead, she will be showcasing the history associated with 500 years’ worth of hairstyles all by herself. Just wait until you see this clip!

Photo: YouTube/Morgan Donner

She starts at the year 1500 and slowly moves forward from there. You would think that Morgan would be finding a cheat or something but she does not. She puts the looks together with her own hair and she also utilizes extensions. To the best of our knowledge, there are no special effects or anything like that involved here. She’s bringing the facts right to our doorstep!

In fact, we had no idea what some of these hairstyles even looked like until now. It’s not like we were alive back in 1500 to know how women wore their hair then. It’s funny, we tend to imagine that women had hair that looked just like ours back then. Of course, we know how silly that mindset is now but you can’t blame us for thinking it.

Photo: YouTube/Morgan Donner

She’s brought all of these incredible trends to life herself, through the amazing magic of coiffure. “I’ve wanted try a bunch of these styles for so long, but always had the ‘wrong’ hair length! So I fixed that, one style at a time,” she shares in the video.

If you are anything like us, you are probably going to end up watching this one multiple times. That’s what we recommend, at least. It is the best way to fully appreciate Morgan’s time and effort.

Photo: YouTube/Morgan Donner

Who knows? Maybe this will inspire other women to borrow from some of these classic hairstyles. You never know when a hairstyle from the 1500s might come back into style.

After all, vintage looks tend to be very en vogue. Morgan will be able to take all of the credit if and when that happens! All jokes aside, this is a fascinating watch that takes us deeper into the mindsets that women had at these times. We never would have known about any of these ancient hairstyles if she had not been willing to share them with us.

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