Gen Z Is Obsessed With Viral 1990s JCPenny Catalog

If you’re lucky, you might find some of these outfits secondhand!

For the people who are in our general age bracket, 1990 does not seem that far away. However, we are more than 30 years removed from this time period now.

If you grew up during the 1990s, we are now as far removed from this era as we were from the 1960s when we were little. That’s what makes this video such a hilarious one.

Photo: TikTok/@wedontwannagrowup

The zoomers have gotten their hands on a JCPenney catalog from the time period and they are absolutely losing their minds over it. Meanwhile, the older millennials and the Gen X crowd have been sent on a trip down memory lane. This one has been brought to us courtesy of TikTok/@wedontwannagrowup, a TikTok account that lives for the nostalgia.

They love to provide those blasts from the past that we know and love. It’s a must-follow for every child of the 1990s that finds themselves missing the good old days. Today’s youth have been eyeing the catalog as well and believe it or not, they are more than happy with what they see. They see the shoulder pads and the pantsuits that used to be worn and they want in.

Photo: TikTok/@wedontwannagrowup

We are shocked to hear it but then again we are not. As kids, we noticed that there were certain styles from back in the day that ended up getting filtered down to our generation. For example, what were the baggy jeans that we used to wear, if not a direct homage to the bell bottoms that our parents wore? Fashion moves in cycles.

Céline Dion’s 1990 hit, “Where Does My Heart Beat Now,” is used to soundtrack the video. It’s a very apt choice. When we see these clothing items, these are the sorts of songs that play in our heads.

Photo: TikTok/@wedontwannagrowup

One thing has been made clear from watching this video: This was a much simpler time from a fashion standpoint. The emphasis on patterned clothing is noticeable.

The prices of this clothing were not featured in the clip but we can assure you that these items are much cheaper than they would be in the present day.


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♬ Where Does My Heart Beat Now – Céline Dion

The comments are also awesome. “A lot of these pieces would be SWEET to find in a thrift or vintage shop! I’d totally wear lots of this,” said one viewer.

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