Do you ever get nostalgic for the foods of your childhood?

Sometimes every so often when I’m at the grocery store I get a craving for the snacks of my younger years. Granted, there are certain items that I grew up with that just aren’t around anymore.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

But sometimes, I’ll see something that I used to snack on as a kid and I just have to get it for old time’s sake. I’m sure some of you have felt like that.

But what about the snacks that are a little older than the 90s? Rhetty for History has done some videos regarding everyone’s favorite decade: the 1980s.

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

But now, they have come out with a pretty insightful history of the popular snacks of the 1970s. Sadly, while many of these might look tempting, a good portion of them have been discontinued.

As the video explains, “It was an era of political turmoil difficult economic times and major changes in cars and foods. Packaged snacks became an even more popular item than ever in the 1970s.”

Photo: YouTube/Rhetty for History

They added, “Almost every American household was interested in them and there was a huge variety to choose from. Some items were crazy, but some were actually quite good.”

Check out the video down below:

Were you ever able to try some of these snacks? Which were your favorites? What snack foods from the 1970s would you want to bring back? Let us know!

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