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The Top 10 Best DIY Gifts to Make This Christmas

5) Crochet Soap Saver

For the frugal person on your list, this crocheted soap saver is very efficient way for them to use up those little slivers of soap that are nearly too tiny to hold. Bonus points for filling it with a bar of homemade soap.

4) Chocolate Wineapple

This gift is a really great and festive way to show your party host how much you care. And, this is a particularly great creation if you have a surplus of wine and chocolate gifted to you at the holidays.

3) Mason Jar Sewing Kit

For the person who needs a little encouragement to sew or loves to sew on the go, a bespoke Mason jar sewing kit could be just the ticket. And, the bonus is that crafty folk already have most of the supplies on hand already!

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2) Marbled Drinking Glasses

The finished result on these wine glasses is simply incredible. Change up the colors for a completely customized look that incorporates the recipient’s favorite colors. Get the full tutorial here.

1) Re-useable Face Cloths

Made from cotton, these face scrubbies are a quick project and are so useful for removing eye makeup! And, they can be used again and again.

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