10 of the Most Annoying 1980s Toys You Wish You’d Never Bought for Your Kids

All the love in world couldn’t buy your sanity after buying these annoying toys for your kids in the 1980s!

5) Super Soaker

Every kid loves to hold and shoot a water gun in summer, but Super Soakers were another genre altogether. Many a sibling or neighbor kid fell victim to an over-the-top water pelting when Super Soakers came out. And they fought over these more than most toys. They never fought over those tiny water pistols like that! The kids loved these high-capacity water guns more than any other type of water toy it seemed.

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4) Sticky Hand

It’s a simple concept and a cheap toy. Found in most gum ball machines and even in cereal boxes, the sticky hand was popular all through the 1980s. But, within a short period of time, these little hands would become covered in dirt, dog, hair, cornflakes: you name it. Nothing better than finding one of these at the breakfast table or better yet, stepping on one and wondering what was touching your foot!

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3) Kerplunk

Ok, so maybe this one isn’t strictly 1980s. Invented in the 1960s, this fun game really was a great way to spend a half hour. But, the noise of all those marbles crashing down was enough to drive insane. And, finding those sticks all over the house (and broken and jagged) was no picnic, either.

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2) Chatter Phone

A great toy for young kids, this toy was none the less a real noisemaker. Introduced in 1962 as the Talk Back Phone, this classic has entertained generations of children. The kids sure did love this one when they were tiny, though. This one was particularly loud of you had a long hallway for them to run up and down.

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1) Hit Stix

Which toy combines the annoying qualities of both a drum set and a keyboard? It’s an amplified electronic drum stick set of course! The tiny amplifier is perfectly portable, which means your kids could make noise all over the house, not just in one room like with a dorky traditional drum set. This toy even admits it will drive you crazy in the commercial! Have a look below.

You try to give them everything they ever wanted, remembering the toys your folks never got for you. But, sometimes, enough is enough! We’re so glad to be done with the beeping noises and crashing sounds made by these intolerable toys. When it got too loud, how many of you hid the batteries or the toys, just for a little while?