The zipper has been around for over a hundred years, and it really hasn’t changed a whole lot since then. It’s undeniable that the zipper has changed the clothing, shoe, and accessory game for the better, however, sometimes there’s trouble in paradise. The same problems we had back in 1917, we still have today. Namely, the zipper gets stuck, the zipper won’t close, the pull breaks off, the slider breaks off or becomes loose, and the teeth get jammed or bent.

Lucky for you, these common problems are much easier to fix than you might think!

In the video below, we see 5 common zipper issues that we’ve all experienced to one degree or another, and how to fix them. First things first, when you encounter a zipper that is stuck, it’s important to make sure there are no fibers or loose threads jamming the slider. If the coast is clear, it’s time to loosen up the teeth of the zipper a little bit. By rubbing a pencil over the teeth of the zipper, you can create a dry lubricant that helps to loosen the slider and glide it along the teeth.

See what other common zipper issues there are and get some quick and easy tips on how to fix them!