The U.S. Needs Us Strong! Check Out These Rationing Guidelines From The Great Depression

These creative tips were intended to make food stretch a little further during WWII.

Having lived through the depression, many housewives already knew how to make food and household supplies last a little (or a lot) longer. But, during WWII rationing, there were very specific limits on most foods, especially meat and dairy. Keeping track of all the ration coupons and changing availability of foods must have been a very complicated task. While government signs, booklets, and publications aimed to help people understand it, there were a number of substitutions that had to made every single day. Here are some of the guidelines and suggestions provided to housewives in order to make the food stretch a little farther. I love the very clever trick of buttering rolls in the kitchen so that you can measure out how much is used on each one! Watch the video below to see the rest of these interesting tips.

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