The Worst Possible Toys to Step On

You never see it coming, but these toys are a bear to step on by accident!

8) Jacks

One of the most painful toys ever to step on! Jacks are so easy to leave lying around, too. With plenty of prongs to catch you no matter which way they are facing, jacks do a great job of tripping up anyone who steps on them! One of our favorite toys, but neither child nor adult ever wants to step on these!

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9) Little Green Army Men

These were always a treat to step on, especially the ones were the guy is holding a gun. Somehow they never feel that sharp in your hand!

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10) Dice

Blunt, but impactful, dice seemed to gravitate towards the floor. These little cubes could really throw you off balance.

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11) Hot Wheels and Toy Cars

It really didn’t matter which brand or model: any tiny metal car was bound to trip you up. Those little vehicles could really tear up your feet!

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12) Superball

Like stepping on a huge pebble, Superball’s really threw off your balance. Much like the dreaded Lincoln Log, stepping on a Superball meant not only pain, but a certain amount of unintentional traveling across the floor.

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13) Model Airplane Parts

There is something special about those little tabs that you pull off the parts from: they seem to be always pointing up and inevitably end up on the floor somehow. The fact that eachkit would have so many parts did not help to keep anyone’s feet safe.

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14) Legos

The king pin of all painful toys, Legos embedded easily into tender feet, directing all points into the fleshiest part of the foot. A whole pile was even worse. The ultimate in land mine toys, Legos were best played with on the floor so that’s where they alwayswere.

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The tinier and more numerous the pieces were, the more likely they were to appear in every unexpected place, like the heating vents and behind every piece of furniture. If the grand kids come over, then stepping on tiny toys is still a possibility, but we are happy to have the majority of these painful accidents behind us. There’s only so much our poor feet can take!

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