The World’s Largest Ouija Board ‘Ouijazilla’ Is in Salem, Massachusetts

The Ouija board is a popular game by Parker Brothers, but if you want to see ‘Ouijazilla’, you have to travel to Salem, Massachusetts. The supersized Ouija board, which is the largest of its kind, weighs 9000 pounds and covers 3168 ft.². Popular Mechanics reports that the board took 99 pieces of plywood and 20 quarts of black paint, not to mention a few gallons of deck stain and an entire year to finish.

All of the classic elements are included that you would find on a traditional Ouija board. It has numbers zero through nine, the full alphabet, and the words, yes, no, and goodbye. In order to move the place card, you don’t put your fingers on it, a few people stand inside of it and move it with their feet. After all, the planchette weighs 400 pounds.

Schreck, a tattoo artist and vice president of the Talking Board Historical Society (TBHS) first built the Ouija board in New Jersey. The board was then transported to Salem, Massachusetts, reassembled and was introduced to the public on October 12.

Salem, Massachusetts is known for its witchhunts from the 17th century. It seems fitting that the Ouija board would also be included in the area. In addition, Parker Brothers, who purchased rights to the game in 1966 is based in Salem, Massachusetts and they made the games in the area for years.

This giant Ouija board is 2.5 times larger than the current Guinness Book of World Records holder according to the TBHS website. It has also been dubbed as the ‘world’s largest Ouija board’ by Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

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