When we use performance fabrics at the gym today, we love that they dry quickly and are quite practical. But, there are times when we do miss some of the more extraneous workout gear from decades past. A whole new genre of exercise fashion was created when fitness caught on as a trend in the ’70s and ’80s. There are a few fashions that from the era that still give us little pangs of nostalgia.

Sweatbands & Wristbands

Via/ Flickr

Suspender Leotards

Leotards in general are less of a phenomenon these days, but you especially don’t see the suspender versions at all.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

Cinch Belts

To go along with your leotard, a cinch belt really pulled the whole look together.


Leg Warmers

Leg warmers have made a comeback in recent years, but not so much for exercise as for fashion. We remember when going to the gym or watching a workout video meant seeing a lot of these- sometimes 3 pairs worn at the same time.

Via/ State Archives of Florida

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