84-Year-Old Absolutely Refuses to Give Up Her Wood Burning Stove

She says she wouldn’t want to live in her house without it!

Marie Morrissey, who lives in Prince Edward Island, Canada, has always provided big, hearty meals for her family ever since she and her late husband bought their house in the 1950s. But, unlike so many other women, Morrissey cooks all her family’s meals on a huge iron cook stove and frankly she wouldn’t have it any other way. Newspaper ads from the era place the initial cost of the stove at around $150 in 1952 when her hubby would have purchased it.

Morrissey says that her family once tried to replace her beloved wooden stove (which burns about 3 armfuls of wood per day) with an electric one. But, she wouldn’t even try it. We can imagine that after all these years she knows exactly how to get the results she wants from this old workhorse. She also says that if her family ever took the stove out she would move out of the house pronto. Now that’s dedication! Have a look at this incredible woman and her wonderful wood stove in the video below.

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