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If you mail letters frequently, then this information may not come as a surprise to you or you might find this information useful! We all know that prices can spike up at a certain point in the year for stamps, which is why now is the time to start stocking up on stamps for Christmas 2019. People are already collecting Forever Stamps before the prices rise on January 27th, 2019.

The cost to send a First Class Mail letter will rise to 55 cents (an additional 5 cents than it was prior). The extra fee for every ounce after the first will decrease from 21 cents to only 15 cents. While this doesn’t seem too catastrophic, think again; it’s the Post Office’s biggest spike since 1991.

In addition to this price spike on Forever Stamps, Priority Mail Express prices are also rising by 3.9%. This means that, for example, a 1 lb package in Zone 8 that would cost $35.04 right now could jump up to $36.52 in 2019, according to sources.

There is some silver lining and good news in all of this. The overall price for Large and Flat First Class Envelopes will be staying at $1 for the first ounce and an additional 15 cents for every extra ounce added. Postcard prices will also remain at 35 cents each.

All things considered, if you find yourself often sending out letters or packages, there’s also some additional information that may come in handy. Vendors like will offer a pay to print postage online service. This service would save you exactly 5 cents with the new 2019 prices, but would still be higher than the current 47 cent price.

With this being said, if you decide on taking up the Metered Mail option, the extra ounce will also change to match the prices for regular mail. With this service being offered in the midst of a price hike, this could prove extremely beneficial in the future!

We understand that this is a lot of new information at once and probably hard to follow to an extent. The bottom line is, prices for purchasing stamps will be rising after January 27th, 2019, so the best time to purchase your Forever Stamps is right now!

Be sure to stock up on your Forever Stamps before the price hike hits to save yourself some money in the New Year.

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