Why Have Just One?

Hello again from Dusty Old Thing! We hope that everyone’s Monday has gone well. Just for fun tonight we’d like to feature some displays of smaller glass or porcelain pieces. They all demand a second look whether it’s the amazing beauty of carnival glass or the challenge of identifying character mugs.

Our thanks go to Elaine, Michael and the folks over atCarnival Glass for sharing these delightful photos.

from: Carnival Glass: “You can fit a lot of tumblers in a very small space! look good, easy to display, and easy’ish to dust!”

We’d like to say a big “Thank You” to Glen & Stephen Thistlewood over at Carnival Glass for sharing this photo with Dusty. The Thistlewoods are international experts and collectors of this beautiful iridescent glass. Their 2008 book, Carnival Glass, The Magic and Mystery is a comprehensive look at the history of carnival glass, how it has been made and covers valuable information on the types of pieces, their decoration and current value. The photos in the book are just stunning. (Obviously Dusty Old Thing has a copy. There’s no way to ever be depressed with all the fantastic photography of glass that glows!)

from: Elaine Pagano Sloan: “Sharing a picture of some of my beautiful antique and vintage tea cups and saucers with my Dusty Old Thing friends (of course, displayed on my 1929 black walnut Wurlitzer baby grand that my grandfather bought for my dad:) ).”

What a wonderful arrangement!

fromMichael Spencer: “A fine collection of character jugs, Royal Doulton”

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