Why Have Bridesmaids Always Worn The Same Dress?

When it comes to tradition, you really can’t do much more than the traditions found in weddings. Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue is only scratching the surface of all of the traditions that we tend to pin on that day.

Although some traditions have been around for many years or perhaps even centuries, there are others that were created by the wedding industry. One of the older wedding traditions that may seem a little strange goes back many years, and that is wearing matching bridesmaids’ dresses.

Most people feel that bridesmaids’ dresses are made the same so that the bride stands out. Some brides may feel that way, but the tradition actually is quite different.

You have to look back to ancient Roman times in order to take a closer look at the tradition. During that time, bridesmaids were dressed like each other, but they would also dress like the bride. It seems as if the bride was indistinguishable, and for good reason. They would set up bridesmaids as decoys.

During those early years, the wedding ritual was steeped in religious activity. It was thought that the bride needed to be kept safe from evil spirits and men who were rejected, so they tried to have her blend in. Everyone would be dressed in matching wedding attire to confuse any that would try to jump in the middle of the vows.

During the Victorian era, the thought of evil spirits crashing weddings began to die out. The overall wedding protocol began to relax and the bride would dress more elaborately than the bridesmaids. As far as the bridesmaids dress, however, the tradition stuck around.

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